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I cannot believe it has almost been 1.5 years since I posted on my Blog here. Time sure does fly. I have been busy with other online projects so my time was very limited.

But recently, I have made more time so I can come back here and talk about something that I really love and have a passion for.

That is making free money online :)

My last posting on this blog I delved into other topics related to money and finances. Things like the Stock market for example .

I do invest in the stock market and have a passion for it.

But I really wanted to get back to the basics of what this blog was started out in the first place and that was to give people who have little financial resources to start making money on the internet.

So with further ado, I will reintroduce one of my favorite programs to make free money online with.

Its called FusionCash. And it is one of the first sites I joined and started making free money online with immediately.

People refer to it as a GPT Site . Its an acronym for Get Paid to.

Its a very simple concept. You can fill out paid surveys and free offers.

You will not become rich doing it but you can earn an extra $100 to $500 a month with it.

Its pretty cool because they have a referral program where you can start earning money by just getting other people to join.

If you get one person to sign up and confirm their email you will get $1. And when they complete their fist offer you get $2 on top of that.

It may not sound like a whole lot but it can definitely add up to some significant earnings over time.

Check it out below.
And by the way , YES, those are my actual earnings with this Company :)

Free Money at FusionCash!

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The fact is many people get a tinge of fright when they hear the words ‘Stock Market’. They picture stock brokers jumping out windows and Wall street professionals taken their money away from them like food from a baby.

The Stock Market has gotten a bum rap over the last century but to some degree there is some reason to be cautious when approaching it. People really got burned after the dot com era bust out. And in 2008 they get really thrown under the bus with the financial and housing crisis.

That being said it is still a great investment vehicle for people wanting to make money

So I will lay to rest any timidness you may have towards the stock market.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to have some money in the Market, whether it be in Trading or Investing.

1. Over the past 100 years the Stock Market (common stock) has out gained in Returns any other kind of investment including Real Estate, Gold, Annuities, or Bonds. This is just fact. For example ,if you had just bought $10,000 worth of Microsoft back in 1986 it would be worth about $3 million dollars today. Not too shabby !

2.You do not really need a whole lot to start making money in the Stock Market.
I started off with just $500 and managed through some nimble Trading to turn it into over $6,000 in a couple of months. Check my story out here stock trading for dummies.

3. Trading and Investing in the Stock Market can give you freedom and flexibility in your Life. Now Iam not going to say you can take a $1,000 start trading and make a living doing it. That is extremely unlikely. But what I can say is save up a little money and do a lot of studying about Stocks and how to trade them and invest in them and you can start making some extra income if you are diligent about it.

The Stock Market is a tool that you can really take advantage of and use for your benefit over a long term period of time.
Be sure to do your home work before putting any money into stocks. And NEVER put any amount that you cannot afford to lose! That is IMPORTANT !!

Here are a few resources you can take a look at and they will give you a starting point in learning more about the Stock Market. Yahoo finance and Msn money.

Hope this helps,

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Yes you can make money in 5 minutes and I will show you how to do it for FREE.

Be prepared for new and exciting things to come in 2014. More money and some good stuff I will be sharing with all you guys to get you on the track to financial stability.


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(Note : I discussed this topic on my other blog today and thought I would share it with you guys.)

There is a huge need from Internet Marketers, Bloggers, and Website Owners for a Blog Commenting Service.

What is a Blog Commenting Service you ask ?

It is very simple and very easy to start up with no money. A very good way to start an at home business. And all it takes is a little time and work and can be started as soon as today.

Let me explain something. Website Owners and Bloggers need to get traffic to their sites so they can keep their sites paid for and hopefully make a little profit( and in some cases big profits).

One of the ways to get traffic is by receiving back links from other sites. What this does is give the Site owner direct traffic from the back link and it also gives him traffic from search engines like Google which can really be beneficial.

So to start a Blog commenting service you need to go to google and type in a term that is related to your client’s site.

For instance, say that he sells skateboards on his website.

Then simply type in ‘skateboards’ in google and notice all the sites there that sell skateboards. Start commenting on these sites with quality information that is related to the topic of that particular post. Be sure to leave a hyperlink somewhere within the comment going back to your client’s Site.

You can charge 1$ or more per comment for this service. And BOOM you have you a fine at home business to get going

As you get more experience, you can do a comment every couple of minutes and be well on your way to making $20 or more an hour.

Potentially making it a full time gig over time.

Just be sure to show your client the work you have done for him after
it is completed. This will ensure that he is satisfied and will be more inclined to come back to you in the future.

You can market your services at places like Odesk or any legitimate internet marketing forums.

Robert Andrew

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Well, the time has come when all the creepy things come in our path as we delight with the hairs on our neck standing up with the anticipation of being spooked.

I know I like nothing more than a good scare. I have since I was a little kid and still do :)

Anyway, I will keep this Post short. I have a dozen things to do to get Halloween ready for my young-ins when they come home from school today.

Just want to go over one great program that any and I mean any of you guys can make some free money online with right away !

If you have not heard of Cashcrate then you are in the minority of online entrepreneurs who hasn’t.

It is a very simple and easy to understand program that will enable you to earn money within the next 30 minutes or less. Really, Iam serious !!

I started Cashcrate about 6 years ago and it has been a reliable moneymaker for me ever since.

The Company has been around for 10 years now and has proven time and time again to be an effective way for people to earn free money online and get reliably paid month in and month out.

Now you are not going to become Bill Gates with joining Cashcrate but if you want to make a couple hundred bucks a month with a little work then this program is for you.

I will not go in to it much further and let you find out for yourself when you check out the Site. Cashcrate is a bonafide winner is my mind and many other peoples’ mind.

Robert Andrew

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Author Dan Marshall

Catastrophes are known to befall anyone and everyone so if you’re in one, then understand that you’re not alone especially in the financial front. This is essentially because of the fact that the financial market has been in an undulating form since the past decade altogether. As a result, many Americans have found themselves in a rather unstable situation financially. The direct outcome of this financial instability has been debt and thus here’s a nation literally struggling with truckloads of debt. At the same time, it remains a fact that there are people who’ve managed to extricate themselves from the clutches of debt and are now leading a debt free life.

Make money to get out of debt fast

Okay so you’ve had to pay for some sudden medical expenses or car repairs and hence found yourself in the midst of a financial crunch, but you can still get out of this situation. To achieve so there can be nothing better than making money. Making money generates cash and that can be used to get rid of your debt situation. There are of course various ways to do so as discussed below.

1. Start with a garage sale: One of the easiest ways to generate some good money is to start a garage sale. Put together anything and everything that you’ve not used in the past 2 years or so. Get your driveway cleared and set your items out for sale. Try doing it on a weekend so that you can attract the maximum crowd possible. If you’ve got any broken items, then it’s possible to make money out of them too. You could sell these broken items in parts. Other ideas include selling refreshments. You can buy soda, cool them in a refrigerator and sell them with ice.

2. Slash your grocery budget: This might seem like budgeting, but actually it’s an indirect way of making money. Make it a resolution that you won’t spend beyond a certain limit on groceries every month. This might seem difficult, but actually it’s possible. This would actually help you realize which are the unnecessary items you spend on and in the future you could very well do without them too.

3. Try freelance writing: You should know that writing jobs are more than abundant online. If you’ve got a good enough grasp of words and have the talent to present them all in a coherent manner, then it’s something good enough for you to succeed. Moreover, having knowledge of a specific style or niche is simply an added attribute to have. Find these opportunities online and make the most of them. Ultimately make use of the money to get rid of your debt.

4. Start affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is another venture you could get into. All it will take you is a computer and an Internet connection to get going. For instance, if you wish to become a debt affiliate, then you’d be tying up with various debt relief websites and hosting their ads on your blog. When a visitor to your blog clicks on this ad, then the owner of the respective debt relief company would pay you accordingly.

5. Try your hand at transcribing: Transcribing is another lucrative opportunity which you could make the most of. This particular kind of job offers you the opportunity to type medical reports, video information ,and even studio.

Now that you’re aware of the above strategies to make money, getting out of debt shouldn’t be that difficult. Just have patience and instead of panicking, you might as well get down to it and ensure a debt free life as soon as possible.

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There are hundreds of ways to make free money online. There really is.

Of course,in a lot instances you will have to put a little work and time into it.

But I am going to give you two programs that I have made money and you can earn $5 and $4 a piece for just joining in the next 5 minutes.

Seriously !

This particular fact alone (back 6 years ago when I started) got me so excited to see that $9 earned into my account within minutes that I decided to start a blog about it. 😉

The two programs are Fusion Cash And YourFreeSurveys.com. They have been consistent money makers and in particular Fusion Cash.

Taking surveys with them can provide you with a nice steady flow of income every month. Nothing major but something to help you out with groceries or a car payment.

I admit back 6 years ago I did not have a pot to pee in but when I started to put an effort into Fusion Cash my pot started to fill up with some dollars. Maybe not ‘Benjamins’ all the time. But enough to make me excited that I could actually earn free money online.

So if you really want to get your hands on free money now take a look at Fusion Cash and Your Free Surveys. Remember you get an instant $5 and $4 for each one when you join them.

That will take about 5 minutes to do and that comes out to about $108 dollars an hour if you converted that 5 minutes into an hourly wage !! :)

So now you found out the secret to where my Domain , FreeMoneyin5minutes.com , came from 😉

Checkout Fusion Cash and YourFreeSurveys.com

The Best,

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I just love this Survey Company. Taking surveys with them in the past has always been so rewarding and joyful.

Up to date it has been the survey site I have made the most money with. I have a couple of other programs I have made more money with. But as far as pure Survey sites this has been my favorite.

And make no mistake about it. It really is a great way to learn how to earn money online.

Global Test Market is a very well established Survey panel that has several million panel members spread across 49 countries.
Membership to Global test Market is free.

As a member you will get survey invitations going directly to your email inbox. I would advise you have a separate email address for all of your survey invitations.

Most of the surveys( if you qualify for them) take about 20 minutes to complete. Once you complete one you earn market points which then can be redeemed for Cash prizes.

Now I do want to make a note here.I went over to Survey Police to get some recent opinions on Global test Market. There seems to be some mixed reviews where some people say that getting paid was a hassle and the surveys were not worth taking because they were too long.

And there were many other reviews that gave Global Test 5 stars saying it was a wonderful program to be a part of. That they earned money and enjoyed doing it .

So you can make your own mind up. My feeling is that it is free to join and myself and many others have made some decent pocket change with them.

I think it is worth checking out and becoming a member.

If you feel like it is not for you then you really lose nothing but just a little time.

But it has always been a winner in my book !


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Making free money online is not some secret skill that only a few very highly intelligent people can do.

Nope, making free money online is something that does not discriminate against anyone. :)  In other wards if you put a little time and get the right information you can start making money without ever having to spend a time of your own money…….anybody or anyone can do this.

At this blog for the last almost 6 years I have provided resources for all my visitors to get off their back ends and take that first step in getting money, real money. At no cost to them.

One of my favorite ways to make free money online has been with paid surveys.

As many of you know and have kept up with my blog I cringe at the notion when people say all paid surveys are scams.

People I can tell you for the umpteenth time they are NOT  all scams. I had made money from them for  years now and have gotten checks during those years, month in and month out.

Now there are some very shady survey sites that really have no business calling themselves a business. I have tried some pretty bad ones, and I plead when you find one just run the other way ( BTW, in one of  my next posts I will investigate some really scam sites and report about them here. So stay tuned).

Today I want to talk about a Survey Site that from the git go had paid me reliably every single month and has been a great way to make free money online.

I have known about Global Test Market for quite some time and have been a Member with them since late 2007. They probably have earned me the most cash in total than any other Survey Site.

Global Test is totally free to join. And you will NEVER be asked to pay to become a member there.

It is one of the more legit paid survey sites around. After you register and become a part of the Survey panel you will get invitations to participate in actual Surveys via email.

The length of their surveys are on the average about 20 minutes. And after you have had some experience with them you can start getting $5 to $10 per paid survey.

Now there is one thing you need to know. That when you do get an invitation you will still need to see if you qualify to take the survey. Sometimes, you will not so you have to wait around for the next invite.

Don’t worry because there is not anyone who will qualify for every survey. So be patient.

I will tell you that you will not become a millionaire with any of these survey sites no matter how many you complete !.

I have always reminded all my readers of this. Paid surveys are just a great way to put some extra money in your pocket and make free money online. And it will never cost you a cent to join them and start earning.

If they do ask you for money to join a survey site or pay for a list of paying survey sites just run the other way. This is nothing more than a scam. And there is no use in throwing away your hard earn ed money.

I will be talking more and more about paid surveys and some other survey sites that are worth checking out. I have one in my next post that you should get a lot of mileage from and make free money online with . Its a good one too.

Cheers to Your  Success ,

Robert Andrew

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Hey guys here is a guest post that you may find very helpful! Enjoy !


The internet is currently one of the biggest resources in finding money making opportunities. The thing is that you probably don’t know where to start, especially since there are so many scams out there. Are you one who’s been using search engines to find ways to make some quick cash without the worries of having to pay ‘Sign up fees’. Or maybe you’re a stay at home parent who’s searching for ways to make extra cash to pay for the groceries or gas bills. If this is the case then this is for you! One of the fastest ways to make money online free are through taking Paid Surveys.

What are Paid Surveys?

Some of your might of heard of Paid Surveys, some of you may not, but here’s the low down- Paid Surveys are questionnaires formed by market research companies. They use these surveys to gather our opinions on new brand products that are about to be put out into the market. Now some of your are wondering why they need such things from us. New products and services are being developed daily, but the companies who make them don’t know how they will fare in the markets. So they rely on market researchers to help them on that subject. Market researchers relies on consumers; everyday people like us, to give our thoughts and say on the new products. Our opinions helps the companies improve their products, and services.

How Do I Start Making Money From Surveys?

The first thing you need to do to start earning quick money is simply register to become members of the paid survey websites. Once you’ve signed up very often you’re asked to complete a few surveys called ‘profiles’ These profile surveys ask you certain questions such as hobbies, entertainment, your likes and dislikes to name a few. You must answer them honestly, because this helps the paid survey websites send you surveys that fits you, and your interests. Say that you’re sent a invitation to take a survey on broccoli meals, but you don’t like broccoli. You couldn’t answer the questions on that survey. This is why it’s important to fill out the profile surveys so you won’t get surveys like that. Once you’ve done that you’re immediately sent surveys that pays you in cash.

How Much Can I Make?

That is a question asked by many. When you complete a survey, the amount of money you’re rewarded varies. Some surveys pay you a few cents while some pays you a few bucks. Now it may not seem much but when you do a lot of surveys, it adds up as you go. Another thing is that you’re not only paid cash, some websites even pay you with gift cards, electronics, DVD’s, and so much more. In addition to completing surveys you may gain entries to their sweepstakes to win amazing prizes!

Paid Surveys are one of the easiest ways you can quickly earn money online. It’s beginner friendly so anyone can do this. For more information on making money online free, and more visit my blog at: http://www.makeeasymoneysurveys.com/

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