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A Fresh Start with

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how-to-make-money-online-for-freeOkay where do I begin?

I started all this craziness way back 8 years ago. I decided to form this blog in April of that year. What compelled me to do this?

I started making some money with some sites that were totally free to join. And after developing a small cash flow from these ways to make free money, I decided to blog about it.

And provide resources so people could do what I was doing.
So where is ALL the archives from way back in 2008 ?( yeah they are supposed to be on side here )

I had some unfortunate things happen, I think it may have been Hackers , that caused my Site here to fall off the map in the Search Engines.

I could not seem to get it back on track so instead of starting over completely with a new new Site and Domain I decided to keep this one.

And simply erase ALL the incredible Posts I did for over 7 years and start fresh. 🙁

Which was extremely tough but absolutely necessary. And I definitely am not looking back and moving forward 🙂

So voila, you have this Post today 🙂
We are starting totally fresh.

So What’s in Store for your here as a visitor

Well Iam keen on giving you only the best information and resources to make a little extra income to add to your Lifestyle. Fee Money Online and knowing what to do to make it is ot very hard. You just have to know where to look.

And that’s where I come into the equation.

This Site will not be about making quick riches overnight. Most of the programs I will be discussing are not going to make you a million dollars. There are other Sites , many scams, that can show you that.

Iam here for people including Stay at Home Moms, Students, Disabled folks, Veterans, Elderly or just anyone who wants to make extra money to pay for that car or home or just extra spending money to buy groceries or clothes or even gifts to your significant others or your family.

I do have some other blogs and those quite frankly are for people who are looking to establish a full online business and are committed to doing that.

Here I do not make that my aim on this blog.

Would $25 , $50. to $200 plus a month sound good to you for a few hours of work a month.

If that sounds good to you keep keep on visiting here because I will be coming out with more and more ways to do this.

IPSOS PANEL………. Survey Company that has been around for over 40 years.

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The fact of the  matter is it is one of the largest online Survey Sites in the World.

It really is.

And it is totally free to join and become a Member with. And best thing is you can start earning free money online right away !!

Ipsos takes advantage of a  unique approach to doing business in a way that differentiates itself from all others in the Industry !!


They administer over 7,000,000 Surveys  annually !!

They are a world renown leader in the area of online surveys.


They pretty much only focus is on paid surveys. Which is different from most survey companies.


This enables IPSOS to crank out more survey invitations for you and I. Unlike some of the other Market research Companies.

As a member you get to answer questions in a survey manner, and this enables you to share you opinion and get paid at the same time.


A win-win situation. It is turning out to be a favorite among many people who really are into taking paid surveys online.

I recommend it to both newbies and experience survey takers alike.

It is a good survey company to have in your arsenal of making free money online.  😉

One of the really cool things when joining is that from the beginning you have a chance to make/win $1,000 for just joining IPSOS !! And you will also be entered in the chance to win the 5k sweepstakes.

Which is nothing less than cool 🙂 And remember all this is free to do so.

And you can start earning free money online right away.

The best,

Robert Andrew

You can Truly make Free Money Now with Cashcrate

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Make Free Money Online with Cashcrate

It is pretty much common knowledge and I can get a lot of people who agree that Cashcrate is one Gpt Site that will be around for a very long time !!


I think it is going on 4 or 5 years now. And there is no signs of slowing down

If you do not know GPT stands for Get Paid to. It is somewhat different than Online Surveys.

And you definitely need to make a distinguish between the two !! For instance, the Survey Sites listed on the side of this blog here will send actual survey invitations to your inbox whereas with GPT sites you need to go to those Sites yourself to fill out paid offers and daily surveys to make free money online !!

And GPT Sites can be quite lucrative and is something that you can make a couple of hundred dollars a month with some time and effort 🙂

I know a few big earners with GPT Sites like cashcrate that do make over $1K a month. Month after month and year after year.

The referral program is the main reason they can reach these levels

There are two tier levels with Cashcrate’s referral  program right now. In the past I heard rumors that there may be a 3rd level added.

Of course that would be remarkable with a 3rd tier. And it would  open up even that much more opportunity for peeps wanting to earn more free money online !!

So keep that in mind and make sure to NOT just concentrate on Online Surveys but devote some attention to GPT Sites.

I think you will NOT be sorry

And you will have the last laugh all the way to the Bank 😉
You can join Cashcrate as well as Fusioncash with the banner links on the side of this Blog.


Best regards,

Free Money Man Rob


Good stuff

Set up a daily or weekly routine to maximize your Free Money received with Paid Surveys !!

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Have a Daily and Weekly Routine when making free money online with Paid Surveys

Hey Guys,
Free Money Man here again !!
Okay,so now you have signed up for all the Paid Surveys and GPT Sites here listed and you are getting you inbox full of of new Surveys, Well this may be partly true because it sometimes does take a little time for the Survey Sites to verify your info. and send ones that match your demographics. So just be patient starting out.

Once you start getting them I realize many of you cannot fill out Paid Surveys or work everyday. But whether you do it everyday or once a week I have found it is very advantageous that you set a routine for yourself.
Here is my regular routine with this Biz. And how I Earn Free Money with these Paid Surveys each and everyday.

First of all I go to my Inbox to check out which Paid Surveys Sites have sent me Surveys to qualify and fill out for that day. The amount of Paid Surveys varies from day to day. I will get a string of 8 to 10 one day and the next day I might get just a couple or so. I then see if I qualify with the Surveys as they issue screen’s and if I do I go ahead and complete all of them before I do anything else.
Note- Also, remember to always have a separate email when Starting an Internet Business like this. You will get lots of clutter and you dont want to use your regular email for that. Gmail or Yahoo has free ones to sign up with. I use Yahoo email.

Anyway, after I am done with this I will go to a couple of the Programs like Send Earnings and Inbox Dollars and fill out Daily Surveys. You get $1 for doing this for a few minutes of work and over a month this free Money can add up. Daily Surveys can be filled out also at Cashcrate, Squishy Cash, Fusion Cash,  and most of the other GPT Sites. Its great because you can do one every 24 hrs. If you average just 5 of these a day thats $150 a month Free Money Cash Flow. Not bad!

Lastly I will go to some of the GPT Sites and complete some Offers. Its really advisable to start out with the smaller free offers for .50 to $1.00. These do not take long at all and can really add up . A lot of these are free sign ups with some of the Survey Sites and just takes a minute or so.

Note- Always clear your Cookies between each and every offer you complete. With Internet Explorer Go to Tools, then Internet Options, then go to the tab that says General, then under browsing history click Delete, and finally click the clear cookies tab. For Offers and Surveys ALWAYS use Internet Explorer as your Browser to get Credit properly .

Later on we will get more specific about the particular Programs we make free money with. And how some are different than others as well as the pros and cons of each and the strategies for maximizing your profitability with them.
Starting an Internet Business can seem daunting at first. But with Paid Surveys and GPT Sites its really feasible to Start an Internet Business part time and earn some nice Free Money.

Until next time keep it real folks.
Free Money Man

The Coolest Small Biz out there…..Online Surveys and Paid Offers will Earn you Free Money Online

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OK lets not beat around the bush and get down right into this
One Year ago I had NO idea that this little Money Making Business existed. And I NEVER would have believed you could actually earn Free Money with not much more than a few minutes work. And get paid immediately !!

Its like this. Basically there are Marketing Research companies and GPT (get paid to) Sites across the World that will pay you bucks for completing Online Paid Surveys and Offers. They are paid by big clients like Walmart or GE to obtain valuable info. thru administering these Paid Surveys and Offers . And in turn they can pay me and you free Money for taking these Online Surveys !! Typical any where from 1$ to $10 and more for a few minutes work. I just received $125 from a Focus Group a few days ago. It took an hour of my time.. ….STOP…. Before we go any further I have found thru many countless hours of work and trial and error there is a crucial ingredient in being successful in this Biz. And that is to join as many of the BEST Programs available. And after many months I have found the ones listed below and on the right side are the very best.They’re ALL absolutely FREE to join. And you will find many of them give sign on Bonuses enabling you to Earn $45 IMMEDIATELY. Remember, the more you join the more Free Money you will make. PERIOD !!

Now on to the List. They are Grouped into 3 Categories. Survey Sites, Offer/Gpt Site, and Paid Email Sites. And they are also listed on right hand side.

SURVEY SITES -The “real deal” Sites that send actual paid Surveys to start Earning Free Money to your email. These few are the ones with actual Referral links for you to join and register. Its free and takes less than 2 minutes
1.Ipsos Survey Panel I-Say

I have listed the remaining of the top notch Legitimate Paid Survey Sites on the right side of this Site. These are ones that you can actually earn Free Money up to $1.50 commission just registering with them at one of the above Offer Sites (CashCrate,Fushioncash etc…)
PAID EMAIL /DAILY SURVEY SITES– These next four are paid email sites. You can also fill out a Daily Paid Survey each day and Earn Free Money that way. . And earn a $5 Bonus for the first three by just registering with them in the next few minutes ! Hit4pay is a nice $10 Sign on Bonus !! Realistic $30 A month cash flow with each
1.Snap Dollars
2.Inbox Dollars
3. Send Earnings
4. Hits4pay
Note- Just recently Snap Dollars has made it really lucrative for Members. Once you sign up for Free you not only get the $5 Bonus but you get another $5 for anyone you refer to them and they register !! 🙂 You get a flat $5 and then 10% in commission of whatever they make for Life.

OFFER SITES– These programs (GPT Sites) pay you for joining and registering with free websites and participating in free trial Memberships. You can also earn substantial income by referring people to these moneymaking Offer Sites. One of the first ever Referral Programs where you earn Downline commission off a free no-cost product !
1. CashCrate – The MOST highly reputable program and a MUST for all Internet Entrepreneurs. People make the most Free money with this one. Great Opportunity to make referral commission.
2. FusionCash– This is one of the highest paying offer sites around. And they approve you for earnings really really fast. The fastest around !!! Free $5 Signup Bonus
3. SquishyCash– I like Squishy because they go 3 Levels deep in their referral program. One of the best in that regard. Free $3 Sign up Bonus
4.GangsterGreed – This is a new one for me. Have heard really good things about it. And it has unlimited Levels of referral commission. A first in this industry !
5. CashLagoon – I like this program because you can actually earn and get paid within 24 Hours. My first payment request I got within 10 minutes !!
6. – One of the newer Offer Sites that has had really rave Reviews and lots of good offers. Also A great Affiliate Program. $3 Sign on Bonus
I just joined these last two and have heard very good things about them from some top Internet Entrepreneurs . $2 and $3 sign on bonuses with these two !
So far Cashcrate and Fusioncash are my Top 2 favorites for making the most free cash money !! With Gangster Greed, Cash Lagoon , and Squishy Cash right behind them.



Rob the Free Money Man 😉


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